Product & Merchandise Photography

Are you looking to sell your products online, in a catalogue or print media? As a product photographer, my goal is to produce both beautiful and useful images for your company of your products. Whether it is jewellery, beauty tools and medical equipment, ceramics, electronics or clothing, I strive to create an image which is both reflective of your brand and pleasing to the eye.

Your goal is to produce the best product possible and increase your sales. My goal is to help make those goals a reality for you by creating effective marketing images which show off the quality and craftsmanship of your products. 

We create both catalogue quality images which are excellent for online selling platforms like Amazon, Etsy and WooCommerce. Additionally we create suites of lifestyle images for your social media presence; specially tailored for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Types of Product and Merchandise Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography and images are specially designed to communicate your brand and message to your customers. These images include props and varying backgrounds to provide your customers with a vision of how and what the product is to be used for. These can be stationary shots, or “action shots” such as an individual using your cleaning product or someone sipping from your specially designed cups. These shoots can be done during an staged sitting with models at a location of your choice such as bar or restaurant (with express permission of the location of course) . Or your shoot can be take place in my specially designed and prop stocked studio.

Catalogue Photography

Catalogue photography is used primarily for print and digital catalogues and web stores/E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, EBay, Shopify, and Etsy. These websites come with specific requirements for image size, resolution and ratio, so if you have a selling platform in mind, we can customize your images for you.

Catalogue photography is typically on white or black backgrounds however, depending on your website or selling platform you may have some creative license with the background. Typically catalogue photography is simple and shows the product in its purest form without distractions in the highest quality possible.

Additionally, specialised backdrops are available upon request, such as brick or wood. Backgrounds can be removed or “clipped” upon request and for additional cost.

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