Types of Editing Services Available
  • Editing & Proofreading – academic, fiction & non-fiction, how-to and e-books
  • Editing & Proofreading – technical & professional reports & white papers
  • Structural and substantive editing
  • Rewriting and stylistic editing
  • ESL support

I have 6+ years of experience editing and proofreading academic works such as dissertations, theses, and articles. I check your document for language, grammar, syntax, logic and flow. I can fix and suggest changes for phrasing which may be awkward or would improve your argument, as this will improve the academic tone of your work.


Are you writing a how-to book or on a topic specific to your industry? Writing about your expertise (medical, accounting & finance, fitness & wellness) for the general public requires structural and stylistic changes. You may be used to writing for the academic community who is used to specific vocabulary, jargon, and vernacular. However, the general public requires this kind of writing to be more simplistic, yet informative. I can help you navigate this transition from academic to conversational
writing while maintaining your professional image, the facts, and the message.

Digital & Website Copy

Do you have a stock website from your company, franchise or a template hosting company like Wix, Square Space or WordPress? These services are great; however, they are impersonal and non-competitive. Customize these templates by injecting your personality into the text and copy of the website by effectively communicating to your clients what you do, what your company is about, and where you are. Clarity and brevity is key for digital and web copy, so I can help you streamline this information while still maintaining essential SEO keywords and phrases.

Click here to receive a quote. Please note, estimates require 3-5 pages of content to be submitted and analysed prior to an accurate quote to being generated.


Looking to have a website built to promote your business, book, or service? Or perhaps you already have a website for your business but are looking to update the copy and text to communicate better with your customers? Let me take the load off by providing customized and tailored copywriting for your website or digital platforms. I can provide partial or full service content creation for websites, social media, blogs, and marketing materials.

Types of creative services available
  • Website design and setup (Wix, WordPress & Square Space)
  • Copywriting – website, marketing materials & social media
  • SEO and Keyword integration and optimization
  • Ghostwriting, blog content creation & theme specific articles
  • Photography (social media content creation, product photography etc)

Want to be more hands off with your social media? Let me seamlessly create and manage the content for your businesses social media, website and marketing material.

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Social Media Management

Looking to be more hands off of your businesses social media but still want to reap the rewards of this free marketing and promotion opportunity? I provide select businesses with personalized social media management. This monthly package includes:

  • 3 weekly posts to 3 of your preferred social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.)
  • 2 bi-weekly blog posts specific to your industry, business, or market.
  • Professional photography for all visual material/ in-house photography of your products for social media. No stock photography.
  • One-on-one discussions and brainstorming sessions.
  • Metrics and tracking for social media campaigns and promotions.

Social Media Management packages starting at $975.00 per month

** Please note that due to the custom nature of this service, social media management is only available to businesses and individuals located in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area.